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What is Industrial Automation?

Industrial Automation is the use of control system technology and engineering to make the production process more efficient. It helps create consistency in your production line, streamlines your production from start to finish, and maximizes the efficiency at your facility.

We are all impacted by industrial automation, from the cars we drive to the food we eat, to the smartphones we use, to the shoes we wear. There is virtually no product in the modern world that was not impacted by industrial automation. It also helps us afford those products and services.

The development of Industrial Automation itself is very recent in our history and it has its roots in the industrial revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries. It has helped transform countries from agricultural economies to industrialized powerhouses. It has catapulted small start-ups to some of the largest and most profitable companies on the planet. All of these companies started with an idea and were able to successfully carry it out by producing quality products.

Production Automation

We all have great ideas, but the implementation of those ideas is the difficult part. That is where Industrial Automation can help. You may have a quality product, but if you can’t replicate the same level of quality, at a specific scale, and time frame, you will not be able to make a profit from your ideas and work.

Before automation became industrialized, the key components were already being developed. The creation of interchangeable parts, the use of electric power, and the creations of standards in product lines. All of these aspects of Industrial Automation are essential to have a competitive business.

Consistency in each and every one of the products produced at your facility crucial to your success. Inefficiencies in the production process can lead to delays, and over time their costs can have a deeper impact on your bottom line. Innovations in product creation such as the assembly line have helped car manufacturers thrive in the early 20th century.

industrial automation roboticsThe Future of Industrial Automation: Robotics, Data Analytics, and Green Technologies

We may look at our innovative past and forget that the present is just as innovative as it was then. We need to keep in mind the constant change taking place. Today large groups of factory workers have been replaced by robotic arms thanks to advances in this field.

Changes are constant and rapid, robotics will soon be updated and enhanced with data analytics. Instead of a variety of different systems, all systems will be interconnected to produce maximum efficiency. The data revolution is already here.

There are many other nascent technologies that will create the future of tomorrow. It is very possible our fuel sources will experience a dramatic shift in the very near future. Whether we agree or disagree, government and private investors are shifting towards green technologies.

How are You Preparing Your Company For the Future?

Innovations can mean the difference between a profitable quarter, or a loss. In a world of razor-thin profit margins, tariffs, globalization, and constant technological advances, it is of utmost importance to be as lean, efficient, and flexible as possible.

Industlabs (Industrial Labs) is dedicated to your success and is ready to bring industrial automation to you. We believe in a consultative approach to industrial automation.

Our experience in various sectors and industries help us bring those insights into your factory or facility. Whether your needs involve incorporating PLC controls, printing, bottling, metal forging, semiconductor, packaging, robotics, water filtration, wastewater treatment,  or Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), we can offer solutions for you.

Right now, at this very moment, there are small and large adjustments that can be made to improve your existing infrastructure. What is your production process like? What changes would you like to see incorporated? Are you maximizing the square footage in your facility? Let us bring our industrial engineering and industrial automation expertise to your facility.

Here are five key service areas that you can expect from us as we evaluate your process:

  1. Technology.
  2. Safety and standards.
  3. Full – Turnkey [Hardware (control panels and various control brands)], software (custom made code), and services (field services)
  4. Consultative approach to the industrial automation.
  5. High-quality solutions and experience.

At Industlabs we follow three basic principles when it comes to the development of your systems: See, think, and do. Your systems will be able to adjust based on what it ‘sees’. It will be able to “think” about the data, and then will act to maximize efficiency.

In many cases, we can evaluate and upgrade your existing systems to add value to the tools that you’ve already invested. There is a place for industrial automation in every aspect of your business. You can streamline your products, create economies of scale, address the inefficiencies and maximize the proficiency.

Let us be your partner in taking your company to the next level, or simply ensuring that you are operating at your best capacity. We will explore various technologies for your situation. Let us help you maintain optimum safety and quality standards. Whether it is Hardware or customized software, we are ‘Your Automation Specialist’. Contact Us today!

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