Predictive Maintenance | Predicting Machine Failure with A.I.

Part of AI’s appeal stems from its ability to determine the condition of in-service equipment, which allows it to estimate when maintenance should be perform on the machinery – predictive maintenance.

Electrical Control Panels

IndustLabs can engineer and manufacture at scale a wide range of different types of control panels. Whether you need a simple electrical relay design or a complex Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in a single system or a network of PLCs with SCADA or Industrial IoT integrations we are your provider.

Why Is System Integration Important for Your Business

What are the Benefits and the different Types of System Integration? Everything you need to know about S.I.

Doubling Production With Industrial Automation | Food & Beverage

IndustLabs prevented Food & Beverage Manufacturer from having to purchase a second facility to meet customer demand by leveraging automation to double the output of the existing facility.

Variable Frequency Drives & the Impact of IIoT | VFD Control Panels

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) when combined with IIot, can positively impact industrial manufacturers with their daily operations in a variety of ways.