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IndustLabs Industrial IoT Platform

IndustLabs is a full service provider of custom or off the shelf electrical control panels. Our control panels host a large variety of data that can be crucial to your company’s future Internet of Things (IoT) plans. Using a hardware IoT Gateway in each Control Panel we can convert legacy data types, such as ModBus, to modern Ethernet / MQTT data-grams. This IoT Gateway can integrate with your existing IoT platform or with our own IoT platform built for scale in Amazon’s AWS Cloud.


IndustLabs can integrate with any SCADA, Industrial IoT platform, and our customers can leverage our in house built IoT platform and our partnership with SparkCognitions for industry leading Artificial Intelligence. Please see our common features and benefits listed below.

The benefit to using IndustLabs IoT platform is scale and customization. Our platform built on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure can be deployed regionally for faster response times, can scale to trillions of transactions per second, and can be custom built for our specific application.

The IndustLabs IoT platform can be custom developed to provide alerts based on custom thresholds and events. With each data type, a notification can be built to allow your business to respond to events faster and reduce your facility downtime. We can also build in remote operations such as to start / stop a motor or change the motor speed based on various conditions.

All IndustLabs built Electrical Control Panels can be built to integrate with your existing SCADA platforms. Our team of experts can program any type of PLC or HMI or integrate existing platforms into your existing SCADA software. Contact us today to see how we can help your business become more intelligent using the data you have at your fingertips but may not be leveraging.

Even if you do not have any Control Panel needs we can still leverage our IoT Gateway platform to consolidate the sensors you have in your facility so you can turn your sensor data into business intelligence.

IndustLabs has partnered with SparkCognitions, the leader in Industrial AI. Leveraging their Spark Predict technology we can predict motor failures with up to a 95% accuracy rate.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence

IndustLabs can turn any Industrial Control Platform into a wealth of data and business intelligence using our IoT Gateway solution. Whether you need an off the shelf product, such as our Intelligent Series VFD Panels, or if you need a custom application we can turn your control panel needs into a data platform your business can use to make intelligent decisions in your Industrial applications.

Sensors can be costly to deploy at scale in large applications because each sensor requires network connectivity. Our control panels can automate your processes and consolidate your sensor data into a single IoT Gateway reducing the cost of sensor deployment. We can convert any legacy data type, such as ModBus, into IoT platform MQTT data. This can be integrated with any existing IoT platform or you can leverage IndustLabs in house developed IoT platform powered by Amazon’s AWS service.

IndustLabs has also developed partnerships with SparkCognition, the leader in Industrial Artificial Intelligence, to provide our customers with AI analytics on your data. Our VFD Panels for example along with sensors for measuring vibration and heat can predict motor failures with 85% accuracy leveraging SparkCognitions Spark Predict technology.

Contact the representatives at IndustLabs for a customized quote on your SCADA & Iot project.