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IndustLabs offers you ready made and customized SCADA/IOT control panels. The control panels of IndustLabs offer you the data that will help in your future IOT needs.

SCADA is generally an industrial computer system. The combination of hardware and software activates the automation of entire industrial processes. With the use of SCADA, industrial processes can be controlled locally and remotely.

The IOT system of IndustLabs has merged its IOT with yours or a new IOT system of our own, which will result in a good outcome.

IndustLabs can integrate with any SCADA, Industrial IoT platform, and our customers can leverage our in house built IoT platform and our partnership with SparkCognitions for industry leading Artificial Intelligence.

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Features of SCADA / IOT

Industrial SCADA / IoT Platform:

IndustLabs offers you the customized and most reliable IOT system. Its SCADA system is built custom to reach specific applications, as its response time and vision inspection are very quick. So IOT is built on a large scale in Amazon’s AWS. The most difficult algorithms can be easily installed in the SCADA system.

SCADA Integration

The SCADA system of IndustLabs provides you the quick notification alerts about the events and errors occurring in customized control systems. It improves efficiency and fastens the response, thus reducing downtime. This system also indulges in remote control operations.

Remote Management & Monitoring

The IndustLabs IOT system gives you quick alerts about the event, so it responds very quickly. This reduces downtime and increases the response time, which helps you grow your business fast. The IOT is also involved in the remote control systems like starting and turning off the motor in the control systems.

IOT Integration

With IndustLabs IOT, you can easily transform the data of the sensor device into your corresponding business intelligence. It increases the efficiency of industrial processes and results in good quality products.

IOT plays important role in industrial automation, as it transfers the data between several devices or clouds over a single network without any human intervention. It links all the electrical devices to one network.

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You can work with IndustLabs to get the most efficient and reliable customized SCADA/IOT system.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the capacity of the computer or any device which perform a task that is most probably done by a human being and also needs human intelligence. IndustLabs AI devices identify motor failure more accurately up to 95%.

Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

IndustLabs has revolutionized industrial control systems through the use of IOT. We offer you ready-made and customized according to your demand in the best possible way. Our control panels are more efficient and reliable that can help you run your business to a peak and make intelligent decisions.

IndustLabs provides you the IOT-based panels, that can be installed quickly on a single network. Its IOT system can be merged with the customized one or the other system, which reduces the cost of the sensor. We can even convert an old asset of data into a single IOT system, powered by Amazon’s AWS.

IndustLabs with SparkCognition provides you the unique AI data analytics.

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IndustLabs provides industrial automation & control systems to improve efficiency through automated systems and reduce human operators to your manufacturing process.

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