Real-Time Monitoring & Control

Remote Monitoring and Control System in Industlab

Real-Time Monitoring & Control

IndustLabs provides you with the fastest-growing remote monitoring and control system in real-time. As IndustLabs is one of the most growing IOT companies, that provides real-time remote monitoring and control at a large scale in partnership with Samara Industrial Gateway. It also provides process visibility to make it more efficient and reliable.

“Recently, the motor on one of our largest pumps went out. In the past, this would have almost definitely meant an outage, but with IndustLabs real-time alerting, we were able to order a replacement just in time to continue providing water to our residents without interruption.”

  • Attain Process Visibility

The IndustLabs manufacture and built the real-time remote monitoring that visualizes the operations, data, and its components. It ultimately possesses the real-time IOT data and links it with the SCADA system to achieve real-time monitoring. The visibility increases the efficiency and reliability of the product obtained.

  • Increased Efficiency

To increase the efficiency of real-time data, you should analyze the operations and their downtime. This will help to understand the solution to make it more efficient and reduces errors as well. Thus, this increases the efficiency of real-time remote monitoring and processes.

  • Ensures Customer Service

The industry should ensure the customer service on priority. We always improve the process flow, solutions, and its levels to best meet customer service.

Efficient and improved capital planning is our priority.

Looking For Real Time Remote Monitoring?

How It Works

How It Works The Samsara Gateway connects directly to sensors or to existing controllers Data is instantly and automatically streamed to the web-based Dashboard using integrated cell service. Wireless Vibration Sensors and Power Monitors provide additional visibility.

IndustLabs in partnership with Samsara Gateway works for sensors and pre-established control systems. The merged service enables the data directly move towards a web-based control panel and power is transferred through monitors. Its visualization also occurs through wireless vibrations.

Real-time Control Systems

The customized real-time remote monitoring and control systems are manufactured by IndustLab. These custom control systems are built through drop-and-drag UI systems which make it more efficient by the vision inspection, that look after the ongoing data processes in real-time remote monitoring and control systems.

Adjust Real-time Remote Control System Set Points

With IndustLab, you can adjust the set-point and monitors the real-time data of the control system remotely even on your old control systems.

Monitor the Real-time Data in Any Device

The IndustLab built control system, due to which the customer can easily access their real-time data from any device, and have commanded as well.

Automate the Reporting Process

The IndustLab automates the reporting process, as it immediately transfers the real-time data to the control system and easily transports it to the CVS system, so can easily generate data exchange

Our Solutions for Remote Monitoring & Control With Industlab

The remote control systems merge the real-time data which efficiently analyzes, responds, and immediately automates the response for changing variables in the control system.

The condition monitoring ensures the machine’s safety and analyzes and fixes the errors occurring in the device. The sensors present in the control system are useful to record the machine vibrations and visualize them completely.

Real-time Condition Monitoring Can Be Installed Immediately

Real-time condition monitoring can be installed quickly, whenever needed. The condition monitoring ensures the machine’s safety, health and analyzes and receives alerts and fixes the errors occurring in the device. The sensors present in the control system are useful to record the machine vibrations, and other variables and visualize them completely.

Real-time Production to Pipeline Visibility & Control

IndustLabs provides you with a rostrum that enables the integrated view of all of your crucial data from computers to sensors. It also ensures the visibility and integration of real-time production to the pipeline. The report is built in a variety of formats and uses the KPI to distinguish the errors occurring in sites, so it may be solved immediately.

A Complete Platform for Connected Water Operations

Now start using real-time operational data for your organization by easily connecting remote liabilities or old SCADA systems. When you get an alert about any error or visualize any vibration then interruptions can be better reduced. With a quick insight team, you can analyze the pump efficiency for improved capital planning.

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