Double Digit Production with Allen Bradley PLC & RX Logic 5000

Uziel Salgado


Industry: Bakery Mix, Blending, & Packaging

Customer Profile: 

The customer is a leading supplier of ingredients to the wholesale and retail baking industries for 45 years. The founders established the company’s legacy of quality products and superior customer service, and those values still drive us today. Now in its third generation of family ownership and takes pride in being the preferred supplier of technical baking ingredients.


As the bakery Ingredients industry incorporates more automation on the production floor, product dispensing, mixing, and blending systems are crucial to successful process automation. Mixing, blending, and dispensing of bakery ingredients can be a serious challenge for high volume production since each machine provides a highly specialized function. Often each machine is segregated and does not communicate for automated movement of product flow. Also, several aspects of the manufacturing of blending bakery ingredients are done manually by operators. Therefore, the operator controls a major percentage of the manufacturing process. There are many advances in automation streamline food and beverage industry thats why IndustLabs is an Allen Bradley PLC Integrator company that developed a unique solution for high volume production of blending, mixing, and dispensing of bakery ingredients via automatic systems and custom software for optimizing production outputs.


  • Automatic dispensing, mixing, and blending of bakery Ingredients

  • Factory was able to operate the dispensing, mixing and blending of ingredients with 1 Operator for 2 production lines

  • Double the Production Output of existing Factory by Optimizing of Processes

  • Save customer the cost of building 1 new factory

  • Integration with existing packaging systems

  • Convert all Manual Process into Automated System

  • Simple controls and ease of use in production

  • Bakery Production Software



As a leading industrial automation software service provider, IndustLabs was able to support the deployment of a custom blends of bakery ingredients system responsible for managing product in transit from dispensing, mixing, blending, to packaging. In partnership with mechanical design and service providers, IndustLabs served as the primary software developer for control of the Allen Bradley PLC, Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1000 HMI Platform and Allen Bradley PLC Consulting services.

By developing flexible and reusable bakery blending, mixing, and dispensing controls, IndustLabs rapidly supported the successful deployment and commissioning of a mission-critical system. Before IndustLabs was commission for the project, the blending, mixing, and dispensing of the bakery ingredients was controlled by hand. The production line was staffed by 5 operators that would manually load the bakery ingredients into mixing equipment manually by pre determined weighted silos of 1000 lbs of bakery ingredients. Also, the operators would have to keep track of the correct mixing time of the ingredients. And finally, the operators would have to manually feed all bakery ingredients to packaging equipment. The management team of the factory realized that this process was costing revenue losses in terms of bad quality, rejects of product, high labor cost, and low production output.

IndustLabs developed a custom automated solution for the dispensing, blending, and mixing of bakery ingredients for 2 production lines. IndustLabs bakery production software solution increased the production output of the bakery ingredients from 14,000 lbs. per production line per day to up to 30,000 lbs. per day. Doubling the manufacturing output utilizing the same system and the same production lines. Prior to the IndustLabs proposal, the customer was in the process of evaluating a second facility to build in order to meet customer demand.

In summary, IndustLabs is an Allen Bradley PLC Integrator company that developed bakery production software for the dispensing, mixing, and blending of high production of bakery ingredients. IndustLabs Allen Bradley PLC consulting and software solutions provided numerous benefits for the bakery,  mixing and dispensing industry, but they also require a great deal of care and expertise to deploy successfully. IndustLabs goes beyond automating manufacturing process and offers expertise in optimizing production by utilizing a well planned and executed manufacturing software. IndustLabs is committed to providing expert solutions in dynamic manufacturing environments by helping reduce risk in the deployment of complex custom solutions.

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