Our Mission

Our Commitment To Safety

IndustLabs is a leading Industrial Automation & Controls technology company. Our mission is to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power our economy.

How IndustLabs helps customers improve safety and save lives

Automation, IoT and AI are transformative technologies that allow organizations to identify and to prevent high-risk behavior and extend “virtual safety coaches” to remote and distributed operations. Here’s how IndustLabs help customers foster a culture of safety:

Get insight into safety-critical data

Through the use of sensors and automation, IndustLabs helps businesses of all kinds gain newfound visibility and insights into the safety of their operations. Food Manufacture customers use our remote monitoring software and IoT gateways to automatically detect safety-critical events—like high level pressures in mission critical systems and distracted operators—and send incident data to the cloud. Industrial customers use our Machine Vision cameras to ensure labels for allergens, best-by-dates, and usage instructions are present, accurate, and properly applied for consumer safety.

Prevent accidents and save lives

IndustLabs doesn’t just provide automation data—our thoughtfully designed software provides the tools, reports, and insights needed to understand safety trends and enact change. OEM customers can access robust equipment scorecards, trend reports, and coaching workflows that are proven to decrease safety-critical events over time. Plus, our workforce solution offers advanced analytics to identify and minimize time spent by employees in hazardous areas.

Maintain safer equipment

With IndustLabs preventative maintenance tools, customers can proactively schedule maintenance based on time, or engine hours, so they can be sure their equipment are always safe for employees to operate. Plus, real-time alerts make it possible to anticipate safety-critical maintenance issues—like unsafe equipment faults—and fix them before they cause any injuries, accidents, or breakdowns.


IndustLabs is committed to providing the highest quality automation & control solutions by custom-building materials that comply with common industry standards including UL 508A, NEC, and CSIA guidelines. IndustLabs is also committed to meeting the requirements found in the international quality management standard ISO 9001. This commitment to quality includes thorough reviews of customer requirements, on-time delivery of products, and a continuous improvement plan.


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