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How To Achieve Industrial 4.0

The path to industry 4.0 is not a direct path regardless of what any salesperson tells you. There is no magic software or single major overhaul in automation that can lead a manufacturer from legacy current state to a Smart …

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predictive maintenance graph

Predictive Maintenance: All You Need to Know | AI in Manufacturing

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence, or AI, to help automate their processes and equipment. Part of AI’s appeal stems from its ability to determine the condition of in-service equipment, which allows it to estimate when maintenance should be …

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Double Door Electrical Control Panel

Food & Beverage Manufacturer Doubles Production with Automation

As the bakery Ingredients industry incorporates more automation on the production floor, product dispensing, mixing, and blending systems are crucial to successful process automation. Mixing, blending, and dispensing of bakery ingredients can be a serious challenge for high volume production …

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Smart Manufacturing - IIoT

Why Is System Integration Important for Your Business?

System integrators create direct lines of communication between automated systems that allow plant equipment to more efficiently communicate with operators and other machinery. Many industries, especially those that rely on information technology, computer networking, and automated machinery, implement system integration …

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industrial automation

Industrial Automation to Save the Day

What is Industrial Automation? Industrial Automation is the use of control system technology and engineering to make the production process more efficient. It helps create consistency in your production line, streamlines your production from start to finish, and maximizes the …

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Case Study: Semiconductor Temperature Control

Case Study: IndustLabs developed and installed a thermal system for the production of the thermoelectric module semiconductor material to control temperature and the motion via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Servo Motion System, a process controller for precise temperature control, a Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and a Battery BackUp System (BBS).

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