Material Handling Solutions

Independent Automation System

As a system integrator, IndustLabs seeks out leading technologies in both material handling equipment and Robotics systems coupled with proven operational strategies.

Our experts combine the powers of scalable material handling systems, innovative software and custom automation engineering for complete, unique solutions.

IndustLabs can integrate with any SCADA, Industrial IoT platform, and our customers can leverage our in house built IoT platform and our partnership with SparkCognitions for industry leading Artificial Intelligence.

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Designed to Satisfy Different Kinds of Requirements

Our history of solutions together with our renown partners, varies in complexity from simple to highly automated, such as:

  • Collaborative robots
  • Flexible feeders
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Goods-to-person technology
  • Sortation
  • Conveyor

Every solution our team proposes is considered on its own merits to provide tremendous productivity gains and a quick return on investment.

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IndustLabs provides industrial automation & control systems to improve efficiency through automated systems and reduce human operators to your manufacturing process.

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