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Streamline operations with an end-to-end Production Solution
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Eliminate manual data processing with our integrated solution for SCADA, field data capture, and production managementEnd-to-End Production Management

SCADA Integration & Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

All Control Systems manufactured by IndustLabs can integrate with your existing SCADA systems, stream telemetry to your existing IoT platform, or can leverage our in-house IIoT platform with optional Artificial Intelligence power by Spark Cognition.


Easy-to-use mobile app that displays real-time SCADA data to streamline manual data entry

Production Reporting

Report on production volumes, forecasts, well life cycle events, KPI’s, and more

Integrated Dashboards

Identify trends, data exceptions, and which wells need your attention first

Field Data Capture

Easy-to-use mobile app that displays real-time SCADA data to streamline manual data entry

Downtime Analytics

Analyze downtime and deferred production events to improve well performance

Production Alocations

Manage component level and multi-tier allocations for daily and monthly revenue volumes

Configurable Alarms

Stay connected to your wells. Review, confirm or escalate alarms from anywhere

Exception Management

Identify data outside of configurable parameters to resolve issues faster

Interactive Network Diagrams

Create visual allocation networks with easy drag-and-drop tools

Everything you needSCADA Integration & Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions

Oil Field Automation

If you need a simple pump panel or VFD Panel for water pumps we can meet your needs. If you need more advanced remote monitoring to know when a pump jack has stopped producing or when ground pressure is slowing down your production we are your one stop solution provider.

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We manufacture Control Systems at scale. Whether you need a single control system for your manufacturing line or you are an OEM manufacturer who needs Control Systems produced at the same scale as your business, we are your partner.

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Oil Storage and Flaring

IndustLabs has solutions for Oil Dehydration, monitoring, and flaring services. We work with reputable partners on storage tank needs and are a one stop solution provider for anything you need in oil storage and treatment.

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We leverage our own in-house knowledge of process automation to keep our lead times low on our electrical control panels. We can manufacture control systems for our OEM partners at the scale of your business.

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We specialize in all things Oil Storage

Pump Panels and Water Pump VFD Controls
Pipeline Automation
Dehydration & Flaring Automation

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