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We Manufacture & Engineer Custom Electrical Control Panels for OEMs & Industrial Customers

Electrical Control PanelsIndustLabs provides you with the most reliable and efficient electrical control panels, for your big, small and even complex operating systems. We also manufacture and built the custom control panels for you. Our proficient work efficiently with same respect and dedication for your every project even is small or big. IndustLabs is a UL and certified company. Our most experienced engineering proficient, work for you to provide high-quality control panels, to a large number of industries. We can manufacture and help in any kind of automation project with maintaining the safety of customers.

We are an engineering solution company and offer you custom electrical control panels and their installation process.




IndustLabs provides you with pre-built electrical control panels. These control panels are built for a variety of motors and VFD as well.

We also offer safe delivery for our customers

Custom electrical control panels by industlabs:

We offer you customized electrical control panels according to the need of your project. Our most experienced engineers build the most efficient custom electrical control panel. We are UL certified control panel shop.

OEM Control panels by industlabs

IndustLabs also provides its customers and other industries with OEM control panels, which are environment-friendly. We offer OEM control panels for the OEM machines

“We are highly satisfied with IndustLabs pricing and comprehensive services, especially with their professionalism. We were confident from the start that IndustLabs could scale with our growth and adapt to our requests.”

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We offer you the best and most efficient manufacturing services for your control panels, or complete project services as well. We also provide manufacturing services for OEM machine projects. Thus, IndustLabs is the most reliable partner.

Details of electrical control panel service by industlabs:

IndustLabs manufacture and built a large number of electrical control panels for simple to complex systems or machines. We also built complex control panels for programmable logic controllers (PLC) and SCADA. We also offer IOT integration.

If you want more information about IndustLabs control panel services, you can contact us.  Further, details about IndustLabs control panel services are discussed below:

Control panel design and fabrication by industlabs:

In IndustLabs, our automation engineers manufacture custom control panels according to the customer’s needs. We customize control panels for your small and big projects with the same determination and respect. We also ensure the quality of the control panels.

Industlabs control and support services:

IndustLabs supports every project more efficiently even if it is big or small and sets it on priority. We support and give complete service to our customers as a responsibility. Our every product is verified and managed by our experienced engineers

OEM manufacturing and labelling by industlabs:

IndustLabs manufactures pre-built and custom control panels for OEM machines. IndustLabs builds good quality and cost-friendly products. It also improves efficiency and even works in a hazardous environment.

Installation By Industlab:

IndustLabs provides you the complete support and service before and after the installation, as it provides you with a complete or partial installation. The installation done by IndustLabs for your automation system helps you to focus on your business projects actively. IndustLabs offer you support throughout the product life.

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IndustLabs provides industrial automation & control systems to improve efficiency through automated systems and reduce human operators to your manufacturing process.

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