Assembly Lines Automation

Assembly Lines AutomationIndustLabs is the most suitable industrial supplier for the OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturing companies. Through the alliance with our automation equipment partners our ability to provide high-level solutions is assured. We have developed automated assembly systems for:

  • Laser engraving systems
  • Turbo chargers
  • Vision inspection systems,
  • Harnesses for the automotive industry,
  • Heat exchangers
  • Automated wielding applications
  • Charge discharge (robot) and machinery safety integration

IndustLabs can integrate with any SCADA, Industrial IoT platform, and our customers can leverage our in house built IoT platform and our partnership with SparkCognitions for industry leading Artificial Intelligence.

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IndustLabs provides the best in class Industrial Automation solutions

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IndustLabs provides industrial automation & control systems to improve efficiency through automated systems and reduce human operators to your manufacturing process.

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